The Most Holy Trinity – May 27, 2018

[Excerpted from the May/June 2018 issue of Emmanuel. Barbara Shanahan is an alumna of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, Illinois. She has led the Buffalo, New York, Catholic Bible Studies Program since 1992.]

“If you watch what I do, you will know who I am.” Somewhere back in my studies, I recall stumbling over this phrase. It has become a way of reflecting on the nature of God and taking note of God’s presence and purpose not only in Scripture, but in life. It is also a key to finding meaning in the feast we celebrate today. This is God’s feast!

How can we appropriately celebrate our triune God? Praise and gratitude accompanied by a sense of wonder and awe are the most suitable responses from us. What else can we attempt to say or do? How the biblical writers speak of God can help us fathom what our minds are unable to do on their own.

The sacred writers use human words to help us understand divine realities. Their words carry a weight of meaning. The many accounts that express God’s involvement with his creation give some insight into the very long story of God’s relationship with us. The readings for today’s feast help us to “watch what God does so we might come to know who God is.”

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