September 7, 2020

Adhering to rules for the sake of the rules should lead us to a reconsideration of what we are adhering to.

Understanding the commandments surely goes beyond what was etched into stone. We do not discount the moral imperative of ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ but we hurt others in countless ways.

Today’s gospel brings us to consider the commandment, “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day”—not as a rule but as a way of life incorporating all the days of our lives mirroring the essence of Sabbath, our Sunday—a time of gathering as a people of God. Now, the first commandment embodies this third commandment as a way for all God’s people to pay homage, to love our God with all our heart and soul, then transfer that love through Christ to others. So many reach out a “withered hand,” and the Sabbath lesson is to bring comfort for that day and all the days of the week.

Our Sabbath day calls for a day to connect to Christ and others. On this day, we are prone to do so much that takes us away from visiting, from gathering, from sharing, and being at peace with ourselves. Let’s not stand aside, as a Pharisee, to look for a reason not to immerse ourselves into the call of the Sabbath.

In one of Father Eymard’s instructions, he says: “No one has the mission to love, no one can infuse it. …. Our Lord has reserved this mission for himself.” He goes on to say, “our Lord gives us the feeling and [the spirit] of love only through communion.”

How do we receive Christ in communion; in communion, how do we receive others?

Let us Pray:

Make me a channel of your peace. Where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope, where there is darkness, only light. And where there’s sadness ever joy. (From the Prayer of Saint Francis)


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About Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament and a parishioner at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio.