September 25, 2020

Following the scene of the feeding of the five thousand (a scene with obvious eucharistic overtones), Jesus poses two questions to his disciples concerning how people think of him and how they themselves think of him. However, curious Jesus may have been about his reputation among the crowds, of greater import is the question to his disciples. Where do you stand?

The question to the disciples is the question that is posed to us with various degrees of intensity at different moments of our lives. It is a question addressed to our hearts more than our minds. The mind might say, he is the Lord; the heart must say, he is MY Lord. It’s a question that never fails to expose ambivalence and confusion, especially when linked to the prediction of Christ’s impending death and our call to discipleship in the way of suffering. If Jesus suffers, disciples will suffer.

As Jesus asks this question after the feeding of the crowds that followed him perhaps for us too, the question is most urgently posed in the setting of the Eucharist. Maybe the eucharistic acclamation, “Save us, Savior of the world,” could be our response to the question. It is a cry from the heart for salvation and an acclamation of who the author of our salvation is.

It is not surprising that this important episode, which is recorded in all three synoptic gospels, should occur in Saint Luke’s version in the context of prayer. Saint Luke makes a point of situating significant events in the life of Jesus, and subsequently, the early Christian community, in an ambiance of prayer. And why not? There is much to be said for us to do likewise.

Let us pray:

Father, give us the courage to proclaim your Son, Jesus, as the Christ of God.


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