September 23, 2021

Two men, born years apart in 19th century Europe, were ordained to the priesthood at twenty-three, then entered separate novitiates. Each led exemplary lives of prayer and devotion to our Blessed Mother and to God. Despite difficult physical problems, they lived model lives answering God’s call to mission. Both were declared saints of the Church.

Peter Julian Eymard, who spent his life encouraging others to live a more focused eucharistic life, said that Mary alone led him to the Blessed Sacrament. His burning desire was to see the Eucharist imbue Christian life and influence society. Saint Eymard’s life was shaped and energized by the transforming power of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection communicated through the Eucharist — and such should be our lives.

Padre Pio often described himself as a poor brother who prays; that prayer is the greatest weapon we have to open the heart of God. He spent his life inspiring people to love God and to help others to love him. His greatest concern was charity toward the poor, the suffering, and the sick, in whom he saw the image of Christ. Filled with the love of God and his neighbor, he felt his vocation was to work for the redemption of all souls. In 1918, Padre Pio received the wounds of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Although their lives were separated by seventy-six years, their devotion to their ministries was equal in their love of God and service to all. Father Eymard encouraged everyone to offer God a perpetual mission of prayer. Padre Pio said to go to the Madonna. Love her! Be souls of prayer. Never tire of praying; it is essential!

Who will you encourage and help today to grow in knowledge and love of God? Will you grow in your own prayer life?

Let Us Pray:

May we know God in his light, enjoy him in the essence of his goodness, and imitate him in his spirit of love. May we enter more deeply into the depths of the knowledge of God and his virtue. (Saint Eymard’s letter to Mrs. Natalie Jordan, September 1864 – CO 1453)


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