September 19, 2021

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s short passage from Mark’s Gospel, we see Jesus introducing the Paschal Mystery to his disciples by prophesying his death and resurrection. We’re told, they did not understand the saying, and they were afraid to question him. Were they really afraid of questioning Jesus? Or were they afraid of what this saying might mean for them? They weren’t touching this. It was best to remain silent.

So, unwilling to let this critical moment go by unaddressed, Jesus asked them a seemingly unrelated question. What were you arguing about on the way? Again, the disciples remained silent. They were like children caught doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. This was very revealing.

At the beginning of this chapter, Jesus was transfigured in the presence of Peter, James, and John. They saw his glory in a blaze of light, and in the light, they saw him conversing with Moses and Elijah. Luke’s Gospel tells us that they were discussing Jesus’ coming departure, his death, his Passover. The disciples focused on the glory they saw. They ignored the road to that glory that Jesus was discussing with Moses and Elijah. And they weren’t even focusing on his glory, but on the glory that could be theirs as his special disciples. They were looking for golden crowns, not crowns of thorns. They needed another teaching. Then he sat down and called the Twelve (Mark 9:34).

He showed them the road to glory. It would take them a long time to digest the power of the simple statement he shared with them.

Take off the polished shoes of privilege. Barefoot like a slave, become the servant of all. Don’t work for a place with the powerful. Embrace the power-less, the childlike. Follow the example of the children. Let them guide you to the glory road. Once on that road, don’t falter. Keep walking, even when you see a cross.

Let Us Pray:

Lord, your teaching seemed clear enough to me: Unless you turn and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Mark 9:36). I only understood part of your teaching. I never thought it involved the cross. Lord, increase my faith.


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About John Kamas, SSS

Father Kamas is pastor of Saint Jean Baptiste Church in New York City, New York.