September 18, 2021

Sometimes when we have heard a story or a parable many times, we may gloss over it. We think we already know the meaning. In those instances, it might be worthwhile to reread it as if you have never heard it. Read it slowly, attentive to details. What stands out to you?

When I read today’s parable from Luke 8:4-15, new thoughts appear. First, who is this Sower, who apparently has such an abundance of seeds that tossing them on the path, over rocks, and amidst thorns isn’t wasteful? Second, when I read just the parable, without the private “explanation” to the disciples, I don’t place any judgment upon the different seed. In fact, the seed that lands upon the path feeds the birds. So, in that instance, it seems like it’s useful, albeit in an unexpected way.

However, as Luke conveys, Jesus’ meaning “the seed” has a particular purpose, as do the “plants.” Likely, we all want to be the seed that falls on rich soil and bears much fruit. We want to avoid being “rootless” or “choked by the anxieties and riches and pleasures of life.” We want to persevere and yield a good harvest. No doubt we all also face our fair share of temptations and thorns, but we trust in the Word that has taken root in our souls and is nurtured by grace.

We also know that we don’t choose the social, cultural, and economic context into which we are born. Some people have more significant challenges and difficulties in life through no fault of their own. And, with their burdens lightened, they may too! It was the reality they were born into. So, if you take an honest look at yourself and realize that you have been “planted” and nurtured in very good “soil,” find ways to help those who are rootless, trampled along the path, or lost amidst the thorns. In this way you can bear fruit.

Let Us Pray:

Gracious God, we thank you for our faith and for nurturing our souls. Send your Spirit upon us, that we may strengthen, support, and encourage those in need. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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