October 5, 2022

It is comforting, in a way, to see how human the apostles and disciples were after Jesus left them at the Ascension to return to the Father. There were fundamental differences in their ideas about spreading the good news of the life of Jesus, his death and resurrection, and the wondrous gift to all of the Eucharist. The apostle Paul, never shy about setting others straight, recounts his differences with Cephas, another disciple preaching to the Gentiles. (Galatians 2) Paul “opposed him to his face because he was wrong.” Can you see both of their faces – they were probably quite red with emotion. No doubt voices were raised, fists shook, in their passion to “Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News.” (Psalm 117)

Many Gentiles knew how Jews lived, immersed in the strictures and formulas of the Torah, so they asked, “Must we live like Jews to become followers of Jesus?” Paul and others indeed debated the answer. Eventually, it became aware that to be a follower of Jesus, one did not need to be a member of the Jewish religion.

Luke tells us another heartfelt plea from one disciple to Jesus: “Lord, teach us to pray…” This is a prayer for everyone: Gentile or Jew, servant or free, woman or man! There are no prerequisites, requirements, or exalted language: pray as Jesus did! Our Lord then outlines a simple dialogue with God: tell of our connection with him, about our simple needs, how we want to live our lives, belonging to him, seeking his kingdom. This one prayer summarizes all of the attitudes of the Christian before God.

When you pray the Lord’s Prayer, do you add your personal praise and thanksgiving as well as your own needs?

Let Us Pray:

Dear God, teach us to pray simply, from our hearts. May we always rejoice that you are ever with us in that most remarkable gift, your Holy Eucharist. Amen.


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