October 30, 2021

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, it was the most miraculous time of my life. I loved being pregnant, holding life within, wondering what the child would look like and be in this world. I would sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” during the nine months of pregnancy. At the moment of birth, this child looked at me with big bright eyes. She knew my voice! Truly the most miraculous moments of my life were the births of my now adult daughters. Today’s scriptures remind us that we belong to God,

For I too am a child of Israel, a descendant of Abraham (Romans 11:1-2).

All of us are children of God. Beheld by God from all eternity, we know his voice like a child in the womb of a mother. The Liturgy of the Eucharist, celebrated so frequently, in a sene creates us anew, over and over again. Jesus who humbles himself for us in the bread of life, creates us anew in his own person.

“True spiritual activity is the one that takes place in God, or near God, because the soul unites itself through charity to its end and immediate grace. That is why nothing is more active than the true love of God, because it is the action of the flame in its hearth.” (To Mrs. Mathilde Giraud-Jordan, May, 1866)

In the gospel Jesus teaches us to live humbly, by where to sit at table. In the above excerpt, Saint Peter Julian reminds us that “True spiritual activity is the one that takes place in God.” Living in the grace of the moment, trying to hear the voice of God within us, should inspire us to see life through the eyes of heaven even now through the Blessed Sacrament.

Let Us Pray:

Lord, help us to hear your voice, to see life over the rainbow. Exalt us at the table, in the cenacle of your love. Help us to intensify our charity and worthily celebrate with you the coming feasts of all saints and all souls.


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