October 24, 2021

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Think back on your life and identify an accomplishment that you are proud of. Was it passing a difficult test of some kind or achieving some level of higher education? Getting a job in a field you always wanted to be part of or an award of some sort? Achieving some goal you set? Overcoming some fear or hardship? When you think of this accomplishment, do you believe you did it entirely on your own? Or, do you look back with a sense of wonder, thinking, “Wow, that really happened!” Knowing that it might not have happened. Knowing that it took more than just you for this thing to happen. Knowing that, even for all your hard work and dedication, the success and fulfillment it brought relied upon some factors beyond you.

I have a cousin in the US Air Force who was awarded a Purple Heart, Combat Medic Badge, and Army Commendation Medal for her heroic actions attending to injured fellow airmen after a rocket-propelled grenade wounded her. Those actions in that harrowing moment and the accolades afterward have become a significant part of her life. And while I am so impressed by what she did, I’m also impressed that she is known as “humble” and looks back at that time, recognizing that she had good mentors and trainers who had prepared her. While I’ve thankfully never been in such trying circumstances, I can look back upon challenging moments in my own experiences where I can now see God’s grace helping me overcome fears and help others. Not only do I now recognize God’s grace in those moments, but also the witness and guidance of so many good people. I consider this an essential kind of “collective gratitude” that keeps everything in perspective. It’s what comes to mind when I hear today’s psalm refrain, “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.” Whatever our accomplishments, they are part of a greater whole and reason to give thanks

Let Us Pray:

Loving God, you who send your Holy Spirit to help us in times of need, and place people in our lives to help and support us, for these things, we offer you our thanks and gratitude. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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