October 23, 2020

One of the consequences of the pandemic which we have all experienced is a loss of a sense of time. Occasionally I even have to ask myself what day is it. A sense of time preoccupies Jesus in the gospel today. He seems frustrated and dismayed that his audience doesn’t know what time it is. He points to the ability of the people to recognize and interpret the weather patterns that are on the horizon, yet are unable to read the signs of “the present time,” meaning, God’s kingdom present already in their midst in his teaching and actions. Had his audience been alert to this critical time, they might then have recognized the need for repentance and done so with great urgency, as the following passage on settling matters without delay suggests.

We are not really in a position to critique the failings of Jesus’ contemporaries since that reality has often escaped our awareness too. In his book, The Kingdom of God In History, Benedict T. Viviano says that, “this theme has in many ways been largely ignored in the theology and spirituality and liturgy of the church in the past two thousand years,” despite universal agreement that the kingdom of God is the central message of the life and ministry of Jesus. Surely a renewed attention to this theme is overdue.

As the family of Saint Eymard, who recognize that the celebration of the Eucharist anticipates and looks forward to the kingdom of God, through “sharing in this gift of himself to us, we place ourselves at the service of the kingdom” (Rule of Life, #4).

Let Us Pray:

Lord God, keep us attentive to the needs of all as we journey together along the way of your kingdom.


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