October 2, 2020

Memorial of the holy Guardian Angels

How close can you get to God? Are we ever close enough?!? How is that bond and relationship in these days of even greater stress and anxiety?

When loved ones die, many grieve and share that they have a new “guardian angel” in heaven to watch over them. It’s important to us to remember our Guardian Angels, and the church gives us this memorial as a reminder of the special communion between heaven and earth.

Children usually have complete faith and trust in every adult and institution, feeling cared for and protected. Most of us just naturally did trust as children, throwing ourselves into others arms, wanting to help and volunteer, raising our hands to be called upon in class or in church.

Then we were let down by someone or something for the first time. Then came another letdown. And another. This mistrust may lead to a fracture or a distancing of our relationship with others and a tug of war with God.

There are always guardians on the journey to protect us against the harm others threatens us with, or that we do to ourselves. As the Book of Exodus states: listen to the voice of the angel; your angel will go before you to guard you and your journey (Cf. Exodus 23:20-22).

Make room for that angel to sit next to you today and every day! Make more room for closeness of God, to snuggle up to us, from a God who never abandons. My angel told me so!

Let Us Pray:

Protecting God, you raise us up on the wings of angels to keep us safe and care for us in our time of need. Draw us ever close to you this day. Help us feel your ever-tender love sending us forward to serve and support others. Through Christ, our LORD.


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About John Thomas Lane, SSS

Blessed Sacrament Father Lane is pastor of his home parish, Saint Paschal Baylon, Highland Heights, Ohio. He writes and speaks regular on liturgy, has written two books for LTP, a four time member on the team of authors for Sourcebook, worked in a diocesan worship office and is an associate member of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC). He has degrees in education, music, theology and liturgy and also served his religious order as vocation minister. Contact him at jtlanesss@gmail.com or (440) 442-3410 extension 111.