October 14, 2020

Saint Paul paints an incredible vision of what might characterize the world if we truly embraced the Spirit and thereby shared in the fruits of such a union. He lists these fruits as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. He then paints a bleak image of a world generated by “works of the flesh.” His list includes immorality, licentiousness, hatred, rivalry, outbursts of fury, dissensions, and factions.

It is dramatically obvious that we have these two realities alive in our country, our world, and even our church today. It is the age-old battle of good and evil. This current political campaign can draw the best as well as the worst out of us. As Christians, we are called to invite the Spirit to come into our lives and wash us clean of the “works of the flesh” and to fill us with the fruits of the Spirit. This is not an easy task, but so many of our ancestors in the faith died for the sake of justice and true peace by their words and by the quality of their lives. They spoke out against injustice, neglect of the poor, ill-treatment of refugees and immigrants, and against dishonesty of any kind. They stood against the powerful and greedy, and, as a consequence, they suffered, even to the point of death.

As we gather each time to celebrate the Eucharist, we profess our unworthiness because we know that our lives do not fully live up to the graces bestowed on us by the Spirit. We ask for God’s mercy. We remember again that Jesus was broken and poured out for us, and we are told to do the same in our own way and time. That is Jesus’ command.

How can we bring the light of the Holy Spirit to the dissensions, anger, and factionalism of this election process?

Let Us Pray:

Lord of heaven and earth, you looked upon your creation and saw that it was good. You gave us the freedom to choose between good and evil, and today we continue to fight this battle. We ask you to provide us with the grace each day to work for peace, justice, and goodness so that the inherent goodness of your creation might shine brightly to your honor and glory. We ask this in the name of your Son Jesus. Amen.


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About Patrick Riley

Patrick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Book Review Editor for Emmanuel Magazine.