October 14, 2018

Prayerful attention and confidence in the Word of God is the double-edged sword or the modern power tool that can defeat atheistic communism, and can also propel a stuffy and conservative church to open its windows to the modern world. This is evidenced in two men who will be canonized today in Rome, Archbishop Oscar Romero and Pope Pius VI.

Romero used the power tool of God’s Word in his homilies, radio talks, and pointed writings so effectively that his atheistic enemies had him shot to death while celebrating Eucharist on March 24, 1980 in El Salvador.

Pope Pius VI blocked attempts to discontinue Vatican Council II after the untimely death of Pope John 23rd following the first session. The council went on to provide new understandings of the church’s own reality, and to invite greater participation in its liturgies, among many other improved teachings.

In the gospel today, Peter voices the profit mantra “what’s in it for me?” that underlies the thinking and choices of so many in the world and even in the church today. The story of the good-hearted rich man might be rephrased “what is the minimum I have to do to gain eternal life?” Jesus challenges us with the “maximum”—to share our blessings of wealth, whether money, knowledge, skills etc. with our neighbors around us. Mysteriously, this giving back to God what God deserves from each of us, will ultimately—even in our lifetime—often result in a “hundredfold” increase of happiness and friends and insure a whopping down payment on eternal life. We thank our two newly canonized saints today for exemplifying this ideal in their lives.

St. Eymard gave God the gift of his personality even. Am I a minimum or maximum giver?


Lord, we pray for the gift of prudence and wisdom to deem riches as nothing in comparison to your wisdom, knowing that all good things come to us in wisdom’s company and countless riches at her hands. (1st Reading)


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