November 7, 2019

Today’s gospel passage, from St. Luke’s fifteenth chapter, recalls two similar parables about a lost sheep and a lost coin (Lk 15:1-10). The parables focus on why Jesus welcomes sinners and eats with them. The answer is that there is more joy in heaven and among the angels over one sinner who repents (who is lost, but is found.) What is striking about the stories is not the lost item, but that they are found. Indeed, the shepherd and the woman are delighted about the change (metanoia—“change of mind”). The owners are so delighted they call their friends and neighbors and ask them to rejoice with them. The shepherd puts the sheep on his shoulders and returns home rejoicing. The woman similarly is very happy about finding her coin, and rejoices with her friends.

The problem is not the shepherd and the woman; it is the Pharisees and Sadducees who sadly do not appreciate the transformation of the lost item, and the joy of the angels in heaven and the rejoicing shepherd and woman with their friends.

In what do you rejoice today?

Let Us Pray:

Father, may I see your good things in the land of the living, for you are my life’s refuge. Of whom shall I be afraid? (Ps 27)


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