November 23, 2021

Jesus rejoices in the Holy Spirit, thanking the Father of heaven and earth for things hidden from the wise and learned but revealed to the childlike. We all were once childlike; we were taught to pray to our guardian angel, taken to Mass, where we looked about in wonder, and everyone smiled at us. We looked up with curiosity as our parents went up to communion, and the priest blessed us. When did we stop being childlike? Can we ever go back to being thrilled and awed, opening ourselves up to new experiences? Jesus tells us how as we read further. He has the power to show us who God is; then we will experience new wonders and the glory of God. Through Jesus and his truth given to the Church in the new covenant, we can again be in awe of the wondrous things about us that we never saw or experienced before.

When the Holy Spirit leads us, and God reveals his will to us, we will again be like children being led by the hand of God through this life. And when we have the trust of a child in our spiritual father’s hand, we know that nothing can harm us in truly important ways.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard’s life is a testament to childlike trust in the Lord. He was an impulsive person, as a child and an adult. But each time he strayed from God’s path, he quickly recovered. He wanted to be a priest dedicated to the Blessed Mother, but the Spirit led him to a new ambition—to establish the eucharistic charism in a new religious congregation. “Tomorrow Will Be Too Late,” details the times he started and stopped and eventually succeeded in God’s goal for him on earth. Now we benefit from his charism as part of the Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

Let Us Pray:

O guide our minds with thy blest light, with love our hearts inflame, and with thy strength which ne’er decays confirm our mortal frame. (From Come, Holy Spirit)


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