November 22, 2020

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

This liturgy culminates the pastoral year of the church. It is a time for a change of season. Many people long for a return to life as we knew it. Yet, we know there is no turning back the hand of time. Next week will bring us to a new season in the life of the church, a new beginning as we prepare for the birth of our savior.

The tone of our prayer is not victorious. Rather, we pray for the whole creation to be set free from slavery and to render service to God… The church has been in ‘lock-down,’ and worship remains limited and subdued in many places. Our eyes gaze toward the priest and king of all creation offered on the altar of the cross as a spotless sacrifice longing for peace. We pray for a kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, of justice, love and peace.

The sheep are scattered, the lost need to be brought back, the injured and sick seek healing. God will judge and destroy the sleek and strong who show no regard for those in need. The Son of Man comes to judge the good from the wicked. Our failure in showing mercy to those in need is eternal fire for punishment.

Saint Peter Julian wrote, Society will be reborn vibrant and strong when all its members come to gather around our Emmanuel. Relationships will be rebuilt naturally by this shared truth; the bonds of true friendship will be renewed under the influence of this love; the feast of the great King will be restored. (PG 241.4).

Where do you find yourself at the close of this liturgical year? What resolution do you want to make as we prepare for the incarnation of Christ into our lives?

Let Us Pray:

Trinity of eternal love, in the Eucharist, you unite the human family into a single mystery of communion able to bring God to the world and the world to God. This gratuitous gift reveals the social, cultural, and political implications of the gospel to us and powerfully illumines human history and the whole cosmos. Thy eucharistic kingdom come. Amen. (words of Saint Peter Julian, Sa Ca 92).


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