May 22, 2022

6th Sunday of Easter

Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled… How profound these words are to 21st-century disciples. We need to hear and believe in them. As we look around our world, we see so much that troubles our hearts—a pandemic, war, divisions in our families, our Church and world, and even our own hearts.

Jesus is clear that his peace is different from the peace the world gives. Our expectation of worldly peace is that struggles will end, conflicts will be resolved, and worries erased. His peace is a more profound interior peace that enables us to not only endure but work to change what troubles us.

In the reading from Acts today, we are presented with a serious conflict within the early Church. With faith in the message of Jesus, trust in the promised Spirit, and dialogue with one another, the Council of Jerusalem was able to listen and respond to the needs of the community.

We have many issues facing our Church from divisions within the Church and from the challenge of how to be Church in our complex world. The synodal listening process seeks to bring the voices of the Church together in the presence of the Spirit so that we might shape our response. Like the early Church, we are being asked to be open to listening to one another, seeking compromise where needed, and trusting that the Advocate Jesus promised is guiding us along the way.

We are not yet the shining example of unity and light expressed in Revelation today. Hopefully, the peace of Christ we offer to one another in each Eucharist is that deep, lasting peace that will move us closer to the new Jerusalem.

Where in my life is the peace of Christ most needed?

Let us pray:

Risen Christ, we pray that you send the Spirit into our hearts, guiding us to the peace you have promised. As that peace fills our hearts, enable us to be channels of your peace to the people and situations in our lives that most need peace. Amen


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About Mary Muehle

Mary is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament, parishioner of Saint Paschal Baylon Church and a former chaplain at Grace Hospice in Cleveland, Ohio.