May 17, 2020

6th Sunday of Easter

“I will not leave you orphans.” These are Jesus’ words to me today. They’re so reassuring to hear, today. Residing in New York City during this terrible pandemic, I see Jesus’ promise coming through loud and strong every day. Living across the street from Lenox Hill Hospital, I see the makeshift morgue on the street outside. Daily it reminds me of the sacrificial love of the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, aids, janitors, and the food-service staff who work with the infected every day.

When I hand my groceries to the cashier, I see Jesus’ sacrificial love in action. When I take a train or bus, I thank God for these wonderful people endangering their lives every day to keep me moving along. When I get a Fresh Direct delivery, I pray for the wonderful soul who’s making sure I’m fed. I hear Jesus’ promise: “I will not leave you orphans.”

I try not to forget the farmers who make sure I get the food I need, or the factory workers who make the things I need to function day to day. I grieve for the men and women who died at Tyson Food plants, unseen and unappreciated heroes. They poured out their lives for us.

I want the economy to come back strong again. But whose economy will it be? These unsung heroes are the poorest paid people in the nation. Their economy hasn’t been changed at all—it has only gotten more dangerous for those maintaining the foundation of society while I, safe and privileged, wait for everything “to get back to normal.” When that day comes, they will remain unappreciated and fragile.

As unjust as our world is, I look to these little people, misused and unappreciated, for inspiration. They’re following Jesus’ commandment: pouring themselves out every day. Every day, they whisper to me the great promise: “I will not leave you orphans.”

Let Us Pray:

Father, most loving, thank you for giving me an opportunity to reassess my commitment as a disciple of Jesus. I have, for so long, forgotten your “little people.” May they forgive me, and may you forgive me. I was consumed by my desire for safety and comfort, and status. I’ve forgotten that only loves matter—love, that manifests itself in sacrifice. Thank you for your teaching, today, “I will not leave your orphans.”


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About John Kamas, SSS

Father Kamas is pastor of Saint Jean Baptiste Church in New York City, New York.