May 16, 2019

“Before the Passover, Jesus knew that his hour had come” (Jn 13:1) begins the Book of Glory in St. John’s gospel, and follows the Book of Signs. “I am telling you beforehand so that when it happens you may know that I AM” (Jn 13:19).

A bit further, Jesus gives a new commandment: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another” (Jn 13:34). Love is at the center of who we are. It is what makes us children of a loving God. If we love Jesus, we must love our neighbor. Jesus has shown us a new way to observe an old commandment.

“Amen, amen, I tell you, whoever receives the one I send receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me” (Jn 13:20). Love of God and love of neighbor are forever intertwined, because Jesus, the Son of God, loved us to the end. We must love God and our neighbor with all our heart and soul.

St. Eymard compared the Eucharist to fire. He often quoted from St. John’s Gospel: “I have come to cast fire on the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled” (Lk 12:49). Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said that after man had reached the omega point of evolution, he would discover fire in God’s love.

This is how all will know that we are disciples of Jesus, loving one another. The early church grew by leaps and bounds because Christians loved one another. “See how these Christians love one another” was frequently on the lips of their contemporaries.

Can our contemporaries say the same?

Let Us Pray:

Lord Jesus, help us to love one another as you love us.


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About Ernest Falardeau, SSS

Blessed Sacrament Father Ernest Falardeau has dedicated his life and ministry to the promotion of Christian unity. He served for many years as the Ecumenical Officer of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and now resides at Saint Jean Baptiste Church in New York City.