March 8, 2020

2nd Sunday of Lent

Jesus invited Peter, James, and John to pray with him on Mount Tabor; they would never forget how awesome that day was. Six days earlier, they heard Jesus admit that he was the long-awaited messiah and the son of the living God. They heard Jesus promise to build his church on the rock of Peter and that it would be indestructible. They were told not to prevent Jesus from going on to Jerusalem to his predicted suffering, death, and rising. They and all the disciples were told that to follow Jesus would entail carrying their own cross, a challenging detail they hadn’t figured on (Matthew 16:13-27).

Jesus likewise feared his oncoming passion and death, but he was now at the point of no return. Needing the leadership of Peter, James, and John, he invites them to pray with him. While enveloped in this mystical-type vision, the disciples witness the resplendent divine nature of Jesus and see their heroes Moses and Elijah with Jesus. A voice from the cloud sets the final seal of approval as they hear: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased, listen to him.” Filled with greater determination than ever, Jesus sets his face toward Jerusalem and his passion, death, and resurrection. What an awesome day for Jesus and his three close friends!

Can we face our future with equal resolve and trust in God’s abiding love for us? Every Sunday, we climb the mountain we call church, where God becomes present to us…where God strengthens our identity…where we are told in Scripture and the prayers of the liturgy that we are loved…where we feel transfigured, different, encouraged to go live our faith at home, at work with a more determined step and confident look. Could this be transfiguration?

Let us pray:

Lord, how much we each need to feel transfigured, uplifted, and made to sense our human dignity and importance! Amen.


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