March 21, 2022

Many of the stories in Scripture seem as though they might be presented to us as dramas complete with casts of characters, various scenes, and lives to be portrayed.

Today we read of Naaman in 2 Kings 5:1-19 and his transformation. Naaman, a commander in the army, highly respected and thought of by his troops, has everything he could want that is important in his life except for one thing – he is a leper. Naaman wants only to be cured, to be just like others, free of this horrible condition. The power of this story is how he gets healed. We all understand that a change must come about to be cured and transformed. It is not a change he can do for himself, so he seeks help. He went to the king of Israel, who proclaimed that he could do nothing for Naaman. A servant girl sends him to Elisha, a man of God, where he receives a message from the prophet telling him to wash seven times in the Jordan to be healed. Doing as he was told, Naaman became clean as a little child. He found the will to let himself be human and open to receive the help for which he yearned.

We all go to God as needy people. Whether we suffer from dreaded diseases, mental illnesses, problems in our daily lives – our leprosy, we make a choice and seek change. We accept that these transformations cannot be done by ourselves alone. Like Naaman, we must humbly give up control and turn to God. We trust in him and yield to his transforming love.

Are you willing to open yourself to a change, to experience the fullness of life? What is keeping you from starting the process of transformation?

Let us pray:

Still my heart so that I may know you, God. You create and sustain my every breath. All of us created by you are protected by your love and care. Hold us gently in your loving hands in this world until we meet you in the next. Amen.


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About Nancy MacRoberts

Nancy is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi parish in Houston, TX.