March 19, 2022

Solemnity of Saint Joseph

I imagine that Joseph’s expectation from his marriage to Mary must have been the same as most of ours, a call to the traditions of his faith, to nurture love and thrive in his married life, to love his wife and raise his children, whilst providing a safe home. I can certainly believe that all these things looked a certain way in Joseph’s mind. Could you imagine Joseph’s shock at what he was called to accept and do? Before he was entrusted the headship of the Holy Family, he was asked to be faithful, faithful to his God.

Joseph was asked to be just and genuinely selfless. He was asked to give up on his own illusions and desires for the future, some that I imagine were very dear to his heart – to accept required true sacrificial love. Yes, his faith allowed him to let go. Joseph’s righteousness and awe of God steeled his determination to accept God’s will for him and take that blessed leap of faith. From Joseph’s faith and hope came his acceptance, and from this acceptance, God was able to continue the mission of mercy. Joseph’s fiat, just like Mary’s, enabled the plan for our salvation.

When we think of Joseph, let us remember the many instances in life which required change from us. Were there occasions when you were asked to let go of a cherished illusion or desire? In those instances, do you think God asked you to trust him and take a leap of faith? In Joseph, we have a perfect example to emulate. Can we grow to be as courageous as him? Let us gather the required courage from our faith and the needed strength from our hope that our sacrifice, united to Christ’s, may help us grow virtuous like Joseph.


Lord, grant us the gifts of faith and hope. Help us to gather the strength required to accomplish the mission you entrust us in this world, even if we have to give up on our own desires. Help us make of our own sacrifices a worthy offering to you. Blessed Saint Joseph, pray for us. Amen.


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About Rick Hernandez

Rick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Vincent dePaul Church in Holiday, Florida.