March 11, 2023

What a hopeful and reassuring message we are given today! Our Father will always forgive our sins, and his merciful heart embraces us.

Concluding the second week of Lent, let’s ponder: have I examined my path, relationships, and response to God’s invitation to love others? Have I looked deeply into my conscience to find where I have failed?

We have often been challenged to identify ourselves with the characters in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Where do we see ourselves?

As a mother, it’s never been difficult for me to forgive! I easily identify with the father. Mothers always say: “Now, what do you say?” The child dutifully responds, “I’m sorry.”

Imagine the prodigal son’s humility in admitting failure and seeking forgiveness. Perhaps he knew deep in his heart his father would take him back.

It is also understandable for us to identify with his brother’s feelings of betrayal after being the dutiful and responsible son. However, we never hear of the prodigal son asking for his brother’s forgiveness. I want to think they embraced each other; words may not have been necessary for that embrace.

In the remaining weeks of Lent, let us ask God to help us see where we have sinned or anyone we may have hurt. Did we ignore his call to give time to someone because we were too busy? Ask the Holy Spirit to expose any sin buried within and seek forgiveness. Let us ask God to help us forgive anyone who has harmed us and love as He loves. Let us remember forgiveness is freedom. If we fail to forgive, we are even more imprisoned than the person who has hurt us. When we forgive, we can go on to love, which “feels so good!”


Merciful and loving Father, thank you for always holding your heart open to me and always welcoming me back when I fail to do your will. May I always be aware of your voice calling me to be holy and willing to give of myself? Help me be willing to forgive anyone who has hurt me, spoken wrongly of me, or hurt someone I love. Amen.


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About Felice Werwin

Felice is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Philip Church in Norwalk, Connecticut.