June 26, 2021

I absolutely love how the Catholic Church has daily scripture readings. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. My focus today is on the first line of the Responsorial Psalm. It is from the Canticle of Mary that she so beautifully says that my soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. No joke; say this several times out loud and watch your countenance improve immediately.

It’s not a game; it’s not a trick; it is God lifting you up as you humbly exalt him. Can we, as believers in Jesus Christ, say those words and believe those words for ourselves? There are statues of Mary all through our neighborhood. Many people think Catholics worship statues, but they are excellent reminders of those who point us to Christ, just as Mary did.

Our Blessed Mother Mary shows us how personal her faith and relationship with God are. She says my soul, my spirit, my savior. He wants us to be wholly dependent on him. Mary’s last recorded words in the Bible are found in the Gospel of John 2:5. Again she points us to Jesus, stating, just do what he tells you.

Father Eymard himself said in a letter dated June 1842 to Nanette Bernard that is where I received my vocation from the hands of the Blessed Virgin.

So let us individually, throughout our day, and together at Mass, proclaim the greatness of the Lord and rejoice in God our Savior.

Let Us Pray:

Dear heavenly Father, bestow upon us great faith to go forth and reflect you as we greet others through our day. We ask this through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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About Rick Costanza

Rick is a parishioner at Saint Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland Ohio and a member of the parish's Men's Bible Study.