June 20, 2022

So will you be judged. Matthew 7:1

Judging others and criticizing others is almost like a disease, a condition that’s very difficult to heal. Some of us experienced the symptoms early in life – as I did. It was so easy to find fault and unpleasant differences in people around me. I was too young, too inexperienced to understand that all people are created equal, that each one is a child of God, dignified, and honored by the one who made him. No two of us are exactly alike, and I just couldn’t understand why they had to be so different, sometimes challenging to be with. Why couldn’t they be more like me?

As I matured, I slowly came to the understanding that each of us is unique, and every single one of us has had varying experiences and events in our life that led us to be who we are. Of course, they can’t be like me! My personality and history are not like theirs; my weaknesses are not theirs. I can imagine their past and why they have become as they are, but only God truly knows what’s in their minds and hearts and therefore judges them himself.

Now that I am quite older, I have learned to listen closely to people, try to discern why they are as they are and not to be so judgmental, and honestly make positive remarks to those who really aggravate me. Daily I try harder to accept them even when something is said that goes against what I hold dear or sacred. Even when I am judging others to myself, I remain quiet and try to set my opinion aside. What good would that uncharitable comment do? Would it help me grow closer to the one who will judge me?

The cure for this condition to stop being judgmental is to develop a sense of compassion, not criticism of others. I try hard to make allowances, to understand the other person. We all need to stop looking for faults in others and begin to see the same qualities in ourselves.

Have you easily criticized someone around you? Have you made a disparaging remark for which you need to apologize?

Let us pray:

Lord, continue my healing and strengthen me against this bad habit. Help me to see you in everyone I may meet today. Look upon me lovingly and judge me favorably. I pray for all those who are judged hastily or harshly, and lastly, I pray for a hefty dose of compassion for myself. Amen.


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About Nancy MacRoberts

Nancy is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi parish in Houston, TX.