June 12, 2019

The opening line from today’s reading from 2nd Corinthians is quite a profound assertion by Paul, “Such confidence we have through Christ toward God.” We certainly did not earn that confidence. It is a gift of grace bestowed on us by God in Christ. It gives us the ability to cry out, “Abba,” knowing with confidence that we will be heard. But it comes with a responsibility. According to Paul, “It qualifies us as ministers of a new covenant.”

While reflecting on this reading, the news focused on two individuals who, in our own time, were the human face of the compassion of God. Pope Francis was visiting the birth place of Mother Teresa in Macedonia, and we heard the sad announcement of the death of Jean Vanier.

The Holy Father noted about Mother Teresa that she had desired to be “a pencil in the hand of God and God began to write unique and superb pages with this pencil.” Jean Vanier’s legacy, commented one writer, was that he was the living “sacrament of tenderness.”

Both of these icons of compassion knew this profound confidence that we have in God because they had been deeply touched by the person of Jesus incarnated in those human persons on the peripheries.

Pope Francis noted that the two indispensable pillars on which Mother Teresa built her life was “Jesus incarnate in the Eucharist and Jesus incarnate in the poor…. She went out to the despised, the unloved, the lonely and forgotten, and she there found the face of the Lord.” Vanier found the face of the same Lord in the broken bodies and the challenged minds and spirits in the abandoned, unloved and uncared for men and women to whom he dedicated all his energy.

What do these persons say to us today?

Let Us Pray:

Lord, each time we celebrate the Eucharist we hear your command, “Do this in memory of me” Through the grace of your body and blood, may we be broken and poured out in our service as we hear the cry of the poor. AMEN


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