July 9, 2022

Our Scripture today presents us with a hopeful mission directing us to follow the whisper of the Holy Spirit and proclaim the Lord’s majestic splendor through our response to our mission in life.

Again, we hear, “do not be afraid!” Though the world’s darkness is present through sin, we are beckoned to turn our hearts to the one true light of Christ. As disciples of Jesus, we look to our master for guidance. His forever message of love and mercy provides us with the mission of spreading peace in a world in turmoil and experiencing tragedy, violence, war, and poverty.

As we contemplate the unfathomable occurrences around us, we wonder, how can we change anything – how can we fix this mess? However, can we hear the Lord’s voice inviting us: “Whom Shall I Send?” Is our answer, “Here I Am, Lord, send me!”? Let us not forget the Lord doesn’t send us on our own; instead, he honors his promise to empower and guide us through the Holy Spirit. There would be peace if only people and world leaders listened to that voice.

We may be like the sparrow, but we know God is with us, and regardless of how insignificant our contribution to the world as a whole is, we know we are here acting on our mission to spread the word of love in everything we do during our daily living.

During a visit with his friends in 1865, Saint Peter Julian Eymard told Mrs. Giraud-Jordan, “Yes, Jesus Christ has a spiritual birth and development in each person. He wants to glorify his father in each one of us” further, he quotes Saint John the Baptist, “He must increase, and I must decrease.” Saint Eymard’s life illustrates his answer: “Send Me Lord!”


Majestic, gracious God, help me see your face and hear your voice as I lead my life today. Open my ears so I may hear your voice inviting me and help me be worthy of responding, “Send Me Lord!” Amen.


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About Felice Werwin

Felice is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Philip Church in Norwalk, Connecticut.