July 4, 2022

The gospel today overflows with intimate contact between God and man. The verses include faith, love, touch, and miracles. The woman that hemorrhaged for twelve years believed that just touching the cloak of Jesus would bring her healing. She simply touched with faith, Jesus spoke, and she was cured. Similarly, the official knelt before Jesus (prayer) and professed that the touch of Jesus’ hand would bring his daughter back to life. The official spoke with faith, Jesus touched his daughter, and she lived! One touched, and Jesus spoke, the other spoke, and Jesus touched. Both resulted in miraculous healings.

The beauty of these miraculous healings is that we can relate to God and each other through the spoken word, the healing touch, the compassionate ear, and the grace to see Jesus in the Eucharist and each other. We see from these miracles that we cannot underestimate the power of prayer and contact with God. We are blessed to be able to speak face to face with our Lord in eucharistic adoration and actually to touch and consume him in Holy Communion. We dare to say that our relation to God through our Eucharistic Jesus is more intimate than those that encountered the person of Jesus when he walked the earth — if we only have faith. Just imagine the miracles that occur with every reception of the Eucharist into our frail human bodies. God comes to dwell within us to heal us.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us give thanks for the grace to see, know, and receive our Eucharistic Jesus — the source of true freedom. Have you freely shared your God-given gifts of word, love, compassion, touch, and action to continue the healing miracles God desires to work through you?

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of faith! Please send us the courage to have even more faith. Give us the conviction to share your love with everyone we meet with understanding and compassion. We thank you and praise you for the gift of your precious Son. Help us be more like him through every reception of the most holy Eucharist as we long for the union of heaven and earth. Amen.


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About Billy Stewart

Billy is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Luke Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas.