July 30, 2022

“Understand clearly that we must fully unite with the prayer of the Holy Spirit. We do this by recollection and the gift of self to him, and by praying only as the Holy Spirit inspires and lifts on high.” Saint Peter Julian Eymard

What must be done for us to refrain from handing others over on a platter of judgment and condemnation? Our spiritual father, Saint Peter Julian, advises us to unite fully with the Holy Spirit for the grace to be lifted higher than this world into the Kingdom of Heaven. It seems like a good spiritual exercise to be conscious of our judgment of others by offering an act of our will and choosing to love and serve rather than condemn. Most surely, our prayer will keep us enlightened and bring our thoughts to recognize goodness; our reception of Holy Communion will offer a place to move beyond ourselves to pray for the salvation of the souls of our brothers and sisters.

In today’s Gospel, the crowd was not rooted in the faith and love of Christ. They were easily led astray by a dance, by something deceitful that would bring the destruction of lives and disorder; a beheading! Where is truth in this abomination of life?

Truth is found in the integrity of life, self-denial, and the deep prayer that will move us to reach out and defend others. In the first reading, Ahikam reached out and protected the prophet, Jeremiah. Today’s psalm is a plea to the Lord, “rescue me out of the mire” (Psalm 69). Our Lady most perfectly exemplifies living the Eucharist and raising others with her in Christ, never beheading but always loving. May we follow our mother’s lead, the way of love.

Let us pray:  

“Let us not allow the Holy Spirit to remain sterile within us…but the Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier, forming Jesus in our souls. How fortunate we are to know the truth! We will be even happier to put it into practice and happier still to bring joy to the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit by responding to and cooperating with our inner graces… This is the grace I wish you. Amen.” (Saint Peter Julian Eymard)  


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