July 30, 2021

Whenever I visit my hometown, people recognize me. When they look at me, they cannot help but see the person they watched as a child. They have not updated their mental image of me. Our relationship has not been current for many years, and stemming from that, how can they relate to me?

I think that it is similar to our relationship with Christ. Some have known of Christ since youth, and that is the impression of him that we have in our heads. That image that comes from our previous experience may not have been revised for a long time. Christ does not change, but we do, and so does our relationship.

Do we know Christ, or just assume that we do? How is our relationship? To know someone is to spend time with someone; it is to experience life together. If we do not take the time to do this, then do we really know each other?

Therefore, there is a choice to make. Do we want to know Christ? Then let us stop assuming we know him already and start working on our relationship. Relationships are alive, grow stronger or weaker depending upon how much effort we put into them. Our life in Christ is not meant to be a static entity but a live dance, a celebration of the ever-changing elements of daily living, that we may see his mighty hand in everything that we go through.

What do we do if we want to thrive with Christ? We spend time with him in the Eucharist. We invoke his name in every action, inviting him to be an active participant in all we do. We offer our very lives to him who loves us, that we may, through relationship, be recognized as his beloved people.

Let Us Pray:

Lord, you know us perfectly well; before we were, you already knew us. Help us then to know you. Help us to be with you in all that we are and in everything we do. That we may one day be able to see the light of your face. Amen.


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