July 27, 2022

Remember playing hide and seek as a kid? You could play inside or outside; it was free and great family fun. I always liked playing it outside, especially at dusk. There was an element of suspense and surprise.

Today’s gospel is like hide and seek. It is a hidden treasure waiting to be found and opened. Within each of us is the hidden pearl. The pearl is indelibly marked with our name. Knowing this means understanding that God will always love and never abandon us. As we reflect on this gospel, do our priorities get in the way of our pearl radiating God’s love through Jesus to others? Do we see this gift from God in others or just those whom we know and love? Do we seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus or run and hide because we do not believe we can attain it?

Father Eymard found his pearl by constantly seeking God through prayer and the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist. His dedication and persistence inspire us to seek a deeper understanding of the kingdom that lives within each of us and to live our lives as Jesus did.

In a letter to Natalie Jordan, Father Eymard congratulates her. “At last! At last! You are walking in the interior kingdom for which I have been longing for you for such a long time. You love silence, solitude of soul; that is the sanctuary of God where he gives his oracles of love. It is there that you will learn quickly and easily how to know God in his light, enjoy him in the essence of his goodness, imitate him in his spirit of love.”

For today, will you hide or seek and find the pearl within you and others?

Closing Prayer

Let me seek you in desiring you, let me desire you in seeking you; let me find you in loving you, let me love you in finding you. Amen. (Saint Anselm)


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