July 26, 2022

Memorial of Saints Joachim and Ann, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

From the first reading from Jeremiah, the prophet recounts all the troubles of the earth at that time. Today, when we hear the news or open the newspaper, we see violence and death. And like the prophet, we ask God, Why? Have you forgotten about us? Are we not your chosen people any longer? Have we sinned so severely in the past that this is our punishment? But Jeremiah reaffirms his belief in the just and mighty God that loves his people.

God sends his only begotten son, who saves and frees us from our sins. Jesus explains in a parable what the prophet Jeremiah questioned in the first reading. His servants ask the man if they should go out and pull up the weeds. But he says no, you may pull up the good fruit and the weeds. Wait until the harvest, and then we will separate the weeds from the fruits of the harvest. Jesus explains what the prophets questioned for centuries. If you pull out the evil people, you may pull the good ones, too, who may not have born fruit yet. We must wait till the end of the age.

Now is the time that we must bear fruit. And what is that fruit? We must feed on Jesus in the Eucharist to bear the fruit he intended for us. Saint Peter Julian Eymard explains, “The Eucharist is the living bread with which she (the Church) sustains their supernatural life. She educates them through the Eucharist, For in the Eucharist alone, souls find abundance of light and life and the strength to practice every virtue. (The Real Presence, page 93).

In today’s memorial, we honor Saints Joachim and Ann. Saint Ann is the patroness of the USA province of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Let us approach her today, asking for continued blessings on the religious and associates of the province.

Let Us Pray:

Jesus, risen and enthroned on high with the Father and the Holy Spirit, you are robed in majesty and might and ruled over all things. We see in the Eucharist your power over all creation and your resolve to enter into our lives to bring about their transformation. Mindful that we live in a world of uncertainties and spiritual threats, let us find our security within your gentle rule. Amen.


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