July 21, 2021

Today we hear the parable of the sower and the seed again. Only the seeds that fell on rich soil grew and bore much fruit.

It was only a short time ago that I did the annual spring cultivation of my garden. I had to break up the soil, pull out the remaining roots and stalks of last year’s annuals and then enrich the soil with fertilizer and compost. The ground would have been drained of much of its richness from the previous year’s plants and needed to be strengthened and renewed.

Of course, we know that this parable has nothing to do with gardening and dirt. Instead, it is a metaphor for our own spiritual lives and how we receive the Word of God, and how we allow it to impact how we live. It is important to remember that the sower is always God. It is God who always takes the initiative with grace, and it is we who decide how and if we want to cooperate and grow in holiness.

How do we cooperate? Father Eymard led the way in suggesting a eucharistic path; he anticipated the Second Vatican Council in focusing on the Eucharist as a source and summit. Frequent celebrations of the Eucharist in which we are fed by word and sacrament strengthen us for mission. Pope Francis suggests that we need to give one hour in service to others in need for every hour we spend in prayer. His vision of the real presence in the Eucharist urges us to meet his real presence in the poor, whom he calls mobile monstrances.

Perhaps the sight of flowers and crops becoming fruitful this time of the year will encourage us to be about our own maturing in faith.

Let Us Pray:

Jesus, continue to grace us with your assistance as we seek to grow in holiness through prayer and service. Amen.


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About Patrick Riley

Patrick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Book Review Editor for Emmanuel Magazine.