January 30, 2021

“Quiet! Be still!” Jesus’ words in today’s gospel reading invite us to prayer.

We have witnessed some turbulent times in the past months yet have a new year of hope to enter.

In the first reading we hear about Abraham not knowing what was to happen. His obedience led him to dwell in tents with heirs who inherited the same promise as he. His faith gave him power to generate children even though old. God prepared a city for them.

Saint Peter Julian had many spiritual encounters in the Eternal City. He found a place to pray and retreat, a place that brought him many graces. A cushion to sleep upon like Jesus in the boat with the Apostles, to wake and see what God’s plans were for him. Led by the Holy Spirit through the heart of Mary to seek the fullness of his faith beyond Father Abraham.

In the tabernacle, Peter Julian found the boat to ride with Jesus through the storm, a place to wake Jesus in prayer, to be still, and envision bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth through the heart of the Eucharist.

Perhaps when we think we are perishing we are holding something back that should be placed upon the altar. Abraham was given back Isaac. He trusted God. We have Jesus, in the tabernacle He is quiet, still. The Benedictus echoes in the responsorial psalm today, “Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel; he has come to his people.” Let us be quiet, still in prayer, attentive to a gift of self we can give for the love of Jesus.

Let Us Pray:

Saint Peter Julian: “God blessed us in Rome. I obtained the approval of our Society and also the great favors that the Associates who cannot make their adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed will gain the same indulgence before the tabernacle.” (To Antoinette De Grandville July 18,1863)


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