January 25, 2022

Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle

The man had two names, Saul, his Jewish name, and Paul, his Greco-Roman name. Ironically, it parallels his life as a strong-willed Jew soon to become the apostle of the gentiles. He never renounced his Jewish heritage but accepted his new mission, given to him by Jesus himself to convert and save all nations, including the Romans and the Greeks.

After years of struggling with the thought that he was being called to a new vocation—to found the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament—Saint Peter Julian Eymard was working and ministering productively as a Marist priest. Like Saint Paul, his life also took a turn. Mary led him to Jesus in the Eucharist and to a totally different congregation than his beloved Marists. A totally new beginning for him which was never quite expected.

We also must be open to the possibility of new beginnings in our lives. Just as Saul was satisfied with his life’s calling and Julian Eymard was content with his calling, the Lord intended more for them. And as I ponder this reflection, I see that the Lord aided them in the church community. With Saul, it was Ananias, and with Peter Julian Eymard, it was Father Touche; both were voices of assurance and encouragement, encouraging them that their calling was indeed from God. And many others in their church community assisted them as well. I reflect that this seems the way God works with us; we are never alone in our evangelical calling.

I know the Lord is looking down on us now and blessing us, but he knows that some of us are capable of so much more than we are presently engaged in. Am I being called to a new beginning? Are you being called for a new beginning or a change of direction?

Let Us Pray:

Praise the Lord all you nations; glorify him, all you peoples! Go out to all the world and tell the good news. For steadfast is his kindness toward us, and the fidelity of the Lord endures forever. Go out to all the world and tell the good news. I chose you from the world; go and bear fruit that will last (Mark 16:15).


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