January 13, 2022

Within the past-present-future bubble, all three have given us and will provide us with life-changing events, but it is the past that Jesus brings to our attention in the guise of a single man who has had leprosy and asks, if possible, to be cured by Jesus.

You see, he has suffered in the past, and in his present ostracism and separation from humankind, he dares to ask Jesus for a change, to be cured, if Jesus sees fit to do so.

Thus, the leper came to him and, kneeling down, begged him to be made clean. That’s the first step, but he came with faith, turning his life over, accepting whatever happens. The leper actually met Jesus, but Jesus is in our churches, ready to touch us in some way. We have faith; we go to Jesus; we sit with him, and he’ll know we are there. Pray and listen.

Our own past has given us some trouble in our thoughts, words, and deeds, and it is those faults that have kept us separated from Jesus with a disconnect from our faith. Those faults will continue to weigh us down if we simply won’t ask to be made clean. Petitioning is precisely what Jesus is all about, and he wants to make us clean.

The healed leper must present himself to the priest and validate the cure.

But what is it about the healed leper who ignores Jesus’ warning not to tell anyone? Surely, Jesus knew he would publicize the whole matter. What do we do with good news? Certainly, we don’t keep it to ourselves. The good news is shared, and we should be so fortunate to joyfully be in his presence in the Eucharist and bring that joy to others.

Let Us Pray:

Dear Lord, maybe we are in a lifetime playing game of hide-and-seek only to realize we are the only ones playing. I ask for good health, a new car and perfect children. If not, give me the strength that will fully embrace me into you so that your will be done. Amen.


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About Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament and a parishioner at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio.