February 9, 2020

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus says to each of us today: You are the salt of the earth… so don’t lose your zesty taste, or you may be good for nothing. You are the light of the world… so don’t be hidden, rather shine your light before others to glorify your heavenly Father.

On a natural level, we all know that we can’t live without salt and light; both are important for human life. On a spiritual level, we also have been reminded time and time again that we can lose our enthusiasm and even allegiance to our Catholic beliefs and practices unless we deepen our personal love for Jesus, leading us through his church and nurturing our faith in his real presence in the Eucharist.

Our reflection on the metaphors of salt and light opens up many avenues for spiritual growth. Isaiah today anticipates some of the future teachings of Jesus in Matthew’s last judgment scene, suggesting practical actions like…feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked…removing oppression, false accusation, and malicious speech… “Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer, you shall cry for help, and he will say: ‘Here I am!’”

Our Catholic tradition embodies many of these ancient teachings in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy—remember them: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the sick at home and in prison, and sheltering the homeless. The spiritual works of mercy include: comforting the sorrowing, counseling the doubtful, instructing the ignorant, bearing wrongs patiently, forgiving injuries, warning the sinner, praying for the living and the dead.

There is much ministry we can do to help others. It takes some zest, energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and just plain salt. When we try doing so, then light will gradually destroy darkness and reveal the presence of God.

Let us pray:

O God, who have willed that we be partakers in the one bread and the one chalice, grant us, we pray, so to live that we may joyfully bear fruit for the salvation of the world. Through Christ, our Lord.


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