February 23, 2020

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.

To be perfect, just as the Father is perfect, is a tall order. Jesus is laying the foundations of his new commandment: no resistance to one who is evil; take the slap and offer the other cheek; go the extra mile; and don’t turn your back on one in need. If everyone would play by the same rules, I think I could get in line. As an ideal to strive toward, I agree. Christ came to inspire us with the Father’s vision for his family.

What is God asking of us? Simply to respond to our daily challenges with the extraordinary love that God has shown to us. To comprehend in a practical manner, the words of Saint Paul, “…everything belongs to you … all belongs to you, and you to Christ, and Christ to God.” This is not our doing. It is the love of God given us to break from living self-centered lives.

Saint Peter Julian knew the value of this teaching; “Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, it is he who is our master, our teacher, our interior sanctifier; we must, therefore, listen. We must put ourselves at his disposal, help him in this work of transformation in Jesus Christ. Hence the necessity for the recollection of God in us.” (A Thought for Every Day, page 48)

Yes, God is trying to get through to us in many ways, in every conflict encountered. The truth is, do you listen carefully to the other, or are you taken up with yourself? When you pray, do you listen from the depth of your being, or are you taken up with the mundane in your life? How much time are you spending with the Holy Spirit living in you? Be sure to take time to enter your inner temple.

Let us pray:

Spirit of the living God, make us good, thoroughly good. Enable us to live with the goodness with which you love each of us. Teach us to love from your presence, so that our love may be a true echo of your love for all. Have love win over hate, truth win over lie, good win over evil. Unite us with you, make your love ours. Amen.


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