February 21, 2022

Who among you is wise and understanding? (James 3:13)

Wisdom is not necessarily knowing what is true or false, right or wrong. Wisdom is about the art of living. My dad was a very wise man who had a strong belief in the value of common sense. He had wonderful toolboxes he used, and he stressed checking up on things before tackling a repair. We all practice this when we have our cars checked up, our heating systems, our computers, and even ourselves. Have you had a checkup recently? How’s your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your weight? Most importantly, how’s your spiritual life? What’s in your spiritual toolbox? Do you know what’s in it, or are you wise enough to know how to use the tools you have?

Our wisdom is proven by our everyday actions and words, particularly when proclaiming our Christianity. Is it discernible in how we treat our families, our neighbors? My toolbox contains my first prayer book, a rosary I used in high school, memories about a program on the Eucharist, and things no one but me can see, such as goals, dreams, plans to become the person I want to present to God. Blessings spill out everywhere when my box is opened, as God has given me favors beyond belief. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are some of my strongest guides. These are qualities that serve me well in discerning the future me.

What in your life is keeping you from God? You’ve got a tool for eliminating that. Do you have a bad habit that needs to be changed? There’s a tool for that. Is there something taking the place of “God time?” Let it go; make a choice, make a change. If you feel you do not know Jesus, try repeating the next to last sentence in my Bible, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Let us pray.

O God of wisdom, make us servants of peace, renew our strength, and remove all our fears. Be with us, Lord, throughout all our days, for all is joy when you are near. Amen.


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About Nancy MacRoberts

Nancy is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi parish in Houston, TX.