February 19, 2022

Peter, James, and John did not know what Jesus meant by “rising from the dead,” but we know; it has been explained to us. The disciples might not have understood what it meant to have received the gift of seeing the full grace and power of our Lord at Mount Tabor, but we do know; it has been explained to us.

We have been gifted with knowledge. We know that we cannot claim ignorance of Christ’s teachings, and from that knowledge stems that we have gained responsibility. James says that because we know, we will be judged more strictly. As Christians, we must become aware of our position; our small flame can start a raging fire. Our actions with the small rudder can steer the large boat.

Sometimes, life can be confusing; and we might act or speak without proper thought. Our pride might not let us recognize when we have acted unjustly, irresponsibly, or said something hurtful without thinking, yet we are still responsible for our words and actions.

We might delude ourselves into thinking that what we do and say does not affect others, but that is untrue. A small falsehood from our lips can misguide many. A small wrongful action from our hands can cause great upheaval.

We must work towards awareness, towards a life immersed in the present moment, that our actions and words are performed consciously and that the virtues that we receive from our relationship with our Eucharistic Lord are infused into all we do and say.

This can all sound like a difficult thing to do, but like every trek up a mountain, if we persevere in the challenge, we will be rewarded with the most breathtaking sight when we finally get there.

“Rabbi, it is good that we are here!” (Mark 9:5)


Beloved Lord, please help us grow in humility and fully understand who you call us to become. Help us live in the present moment; that we may live our lives conscious of our responsibilities towards you and all of your loved ones; that we may grow in virtue. Amen.


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About Rick Hernandez

Rick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Vincent dePaul Church in Holiday, Florida.