February 14, 2020

In today’s gospel passage, Jesus is teaching the crowds in the Gentile territory where a man who is deaf and mute is brought to him for healing. Jesus takes the man off by himself and touches him, puts a finger in his ear, and healing spittle on his tongue looks up to heaven to his Father and groans… ephphatha!… be opened. The action of Jesus is sacramental in form—outward signs, laying on of hands, a prayer to the Father and the bestowing of healing grace. Immediately the man’s ears were opened, and he spoke plainly.

God speaks and heals in many ways. He speaks his word in scripture, in moments of silent adoration, in the teachings and participation in the sacramental life of the church, especially Eucharist and reconciliation, and in the unexpected surprises of daily living. The psalm from today’s liturgy sings… “I am the Lord, your God! hear my voice.” (Psalm 81:11a, 9a). When praying we hear and listen to God in the silence, Silence is said to be the first language of God, a rare and profound form of communication that draws us into an awareness of the divine spirit. Interior stillness is where we hear God’s whispers of love and learn to accept God as God is. The power of God’s healing presence is felt, and the gift of self grows.

Father Eymard wrote, “Love is born of ardent prayer; be therefore first of all a soul of prayer, but of a prayer that is your own, affectionate, recollected and recollecting, a prayer that relishes God, finds its nourishment in him and is always athirst to learn more about the truth and goodness, and the love of God.” (Eymard Library, Eucharistic Handbook: Volume 6, pages 255-256).

In the silence of your prayer, today, listen to hear the beloved’s voice. What are you hearing God say to you?

Let Us Pray:

Loving God, I come seeking you in the silence, grateful for your presence in Eucharist and the depths of my being. Open my ears that I may hear your voice and experience your healing touch. Amen.


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