February 12, 2020

In today’s first reading, we hear the queen of Sheba marvel at the wisdom of Solomon. In the gospel reading, Jesus once again interprets the law in light of what will be the New Covenant. We sense his wisdom as he argues that what comes out of a person’s mouth is much more consequential to God than what goes into it.

But between these two readings, in the responsorial psalm, is a real gem for further reflection, “The mouth of the just murmurs wisdom.” Who are these “just” who murmur wisdom? The “just” are those who have left their minds and hearts open to God. They have allowed the grace of God to mold and shape their thinking and their being. First, who might come to mind when we think of the just might be the canonized saints and we would be correct. But in fact, the “just” are all around us. If we were to take some quiet time, perhaps in our hour of eucharistic prayer, and look back over our lives at the men and women, we have known who have “murmured wisdom” to us. Perhaps it is your confessor or spiritual director; surely, your parents, grandparents, or siblings; could it have been one of your children, or maybe it was a teacher or co-worker who was concerned about you? Perhaps it was a poor, hungry, homeless person to whom you were ministering and who murmured wisdom back to you. The Lord speaks through many people.

Pray and give thanks to God for these just people in your life and also pray that God will keep you open to his grace so that you too will murmur wisdom to others.

Say a prayer today for one person who has murmured wisdom to you recently.


Lord, open our minds and hearts to you so that we might grow in wisdom. Amen.


Daily Eucharistic Reflection – Center for Eucharistic Evangelizing (eucharisticevangelizing.com)


About Patrick Riley

Patrick is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at St Paschal Baylon Church in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Book Review Editor for Emmanuel Magazine.