February 11, 2021

The Demon Is Gone!

All parents have experienced the anxiety that comes when a child is seriously hurt or ill. What should I do? Where do I turn? How long will it take for the ambulance to get here? Our children, who may be the most precious people in our lives, at times like these, need all our attention. Such is one mother’s story in today’s readings (Mark 7:24-30).

Jesus has gone to Tyre because he is truly tired and needs a rest. He wants to go where he will not be recognized, and people might leave him alone for a while. Even Jesus doesn’t always get just what he wants. His reverie is interrupted by the appearance of a non-Jewish woman who throws herself at his feet, begging him to expel the demon from her daughter. This woman already has two strikes against her. In Jesus’ day, women were considered outcasts, socially inferior. She has taken upon herself the task of approaching Jesus. Secondly, she was an unworthy, pagan woman. Jesus at first said, “No” to her pleas. But this woman, this mother, is not to be undone; she is desperate, a demon has entered her daughter. Persistent in her desire to gain his help, she pesters Jesus. Then his concerns for this confident mother take over, and he listens earnestly, hearing her as she refuses to take “no” as his final word.

She says that some scraps of God’s blessings should fall upon the Gentiles. She was showing respect for God’s plan of redemption for the Jewish people but asking for some bit of those graces. Her determination convinced Jesus how serious she was, that she had a humble, persistent faith in his mercy. Jesus tells her to go; her faith has saved her daughter.

Take a few minutes to walk with this Gentile woman as she nears her home, her daughter. Because of her prayer and her faith, she knows: the demon is gone.

Let Us Pray:

Teach me to pray, Lord; teach me to hear your voice. Teach me to listen, Lord; teach me your words. Teach me to know what to say, Lord; teach me this day. Give me the grace, Lord, to know you are near. Teach me to love, Lord, teach me to love. Amen.


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