December 8, 2019

2nd Sunday of Advent

Once again in December 2019, the ancient voices of Isaiah and John the Baptist speak out prophetically to remind all of us that God’s promise of salvation, universal peace and global harmony is NOT like the stump of a dead tree, but blooms in the person of Jesus, the living shoot, and is alive and well today in the church, the body of Christ.

The impassioned cry of John the Baptist to repent, to prepare the way of the Lord and to make straight his paths, is the recurrent condition of all spiritual progress. However, many faithful Catholics may well feel that having just completed Liturgical Year C, and just beginning another with Advent, they do not need more repentance, and are open enough to God. Some may feel they pray enough, know enough about Jesus and his teachings, and that their faith does not need much strengthening. My caveat is: none of us love Jesus enough.

It would be better to understand the Advent season as an “ongoing journey into the heart of Jesus.” Yes, our personal relationship with God started long ago with baptism, but each of us is still psychologically and spiritually unfinished. As long as we breathe, there is more of our mind and heart to open, to unlock and to allow God to enter and take possession. As the Baptist says essentially today, let us not presume that our collection of sacramental certificates assures us of eternal salvation without the constant need of repentance, prayer, acts of kindness, forgiveness.

May this Advent season, and the feasts of Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe prepare our hearts to welcome ever more ardently the perfect gift from our Father: his Son Jesus, truly with us in the Eucharist we eat and in the presence we adore.

Let Us Pray:

Grant to us O Lord, when our earthly pilgrimage is done,
that we may come to an eternal dwelling place and live with you forever.


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