December 5, 2022

There is a form of prayer that invites us, as we read the Gospel, vividly to imagine ourselves in the story. Right alongside Jesus, we may stand in judgment as a Pharisee, in belief as a disciple, or in awe as a witness to his healing power.

In today’s scripture, imagine yourself as the paralytic who is lowered through the roof of a home where Jesus is curing the incurable. You have heard of this man, and you are hoping for a miracle, so your friends devise a hammock, and they slowly drop you into the room. You are worried that Jesus will be upset or annoyed that you have surprised him this way. Instead, as he turns toward you, he is clearly waiting for you. He longed to see you, spend time with you, and bless you.

Two thousand years later, it is no different. We may have physical problems or be paralyzed by fear, indecision, or a lack of faith. We may feel suspended in life and unable to act, as if being lowered into a room but never reaching the ground. The good news is that Jesus awaits us and is longing to bless us, and he is as present for us today as he was for the paralytic. But this physical union cannot happen without us presenting ourselves to Christ through Holy Communion or Adoration. In that space, we find holiness and healing, and joy. Saint Peter Julian Eymard instructs us: “Have a great love for Jesus in his divine Sacrament of Love; that is the divine oasis of the desert. It is the heavenly manna of the traveler. It is the Holy Ark. It is the life and Paradise of love on earth.”

As Jesus awaits you and desires to spend time with you, will you enter the room?

Let Us Pray:

Hear the word of the Lord, O nations; declare it to the distant lands: Behold our Savior will come; you need no longer fear. (Entrance Antiphon)


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About Frank Guerra

Frank is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Matthew Parish in San Antonio, Texas.