December 4, 2020

Friday, First Week in Advent

Author’s note: Out of respect for non-ruler language that is part of the concept of the “kingdom of God,” like other contemporary Christian writers and theologians, I am now using the word “kin*dom” as part of this theological concept that we are all building for a better world.

The prophet Isaiah gives a wonderful picture of a new day that has dawned. A day that we hope for each morning as we pray that life will be better and more of a witness of the kin*dom of God. As “Advent People,” we do not just pray and hope during this special liturgical season, but each day of our lives. We work for God’s dreams to truly become a reality for our world – the “kin*dom of God.”

We can dream because we have that spark of light, that spark of faith, that spark of hope and love, which is always alive in our hearts. In our psalm, we are reminded that the LORD is our light, and we are called to not have any fears. We believe we hope and wait that the LORD will give us courage to continue the dreaming, the witness of courage, and that Spirit to bring about God’s dreams and build a better world for God. (See Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fratelli tutti – On Fraternity & Social Friendship for more.)

This is the faith that we work on each day as we awake, asking Christ to touch our eyes to see as Christ sees, to touch our hearts and love as Christ loves, to open our ears to hear as Christ wants us to hear, and to touch our souls so that our faith with invite others to have no fears and build God’s dreams together.

Our prayer today is to ask God to open our eyes anew! What goodness is around me that I need to share? How can I bring that hope to others? On that day, all will be possible in the forest of the LORD God. Is today that day?


O Come Emmanuel into my heart! May your Spirit help me to have eyes, ears, hands, and hearts that show others the gift of the kin*dom inside of me.

Help me keep your name holy, have reverence for your gifts and Spirit, and keep me from fears. Give me new courage! Reignite my faith! For you, LORD God, you are my light and salvation, forever and ever!


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About John Thomas Lane, SSS

Blessed Sacrament Father Lane is pastor of his home parish, Saint Paschal Baylon, Highland Heights, Ohio. He writes and speaks regular on liturgy, has written two books for LTP, a four time member on the team of authors for Sourcebook, worked in a diocesan worship office and is an associate member of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC). He has degrees in education, music, theology and liturgy and also served his religious order as vocation minister. Contact him at jtlanesss@gmail.com or (440) 442-3410 extension 111.