December 31, 2022

And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us (John 1:1-18)

There is a magnanimity of God’s love in Saint John’s Gospel today. God’s glory is revealed in the Word today – the Word is pouring out in love for those striving to live in the truth. God’s children will hear the Word with the promise to be filled with every grace and spiritual blessing.

From its Latin origin, magnanimity means “soul,” “spirit,” or “greatness of spirit.” The gift we have received at Christmas in the Christ Child and the reciprocal love we are invited to live in is a definitive gift to our souls from God, a magnanimity of LOVE – amazing grace.

To my loved ones, especially my husband and daughters, my signature begins with, “I love you more than words could ever express.” Expressing love in this way reminded me of the Word becoming flesh. It is love in the fullness of the spirit. It is Jesus’ love that is transformed from death to life, love that John cried out for those to believe in, love that is to be found in the contemplation of Bethlehem.

As we move through the Octave of Christmas to the New Year, what gift will we continue to offer to our loved ones and all whom we encounter?

Contemplate the Blessed Virgin at Bethlehem. See who she is, to have a simple idea of it, something very focused. Use your senses; use your eyes to look at the child Jesus, to see who is with him, the Blessed Virgin, his mother, and Saint Joseph, his foster father, the saint ‘par excellence.’ As you look at them, you will consider their thoughts and actions. You will soon come to an understanding of their thoughts and love. (Saint Peter Julian Eymard, to the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament – 12/27/1861).

Let us pray:

Saint Peter Julian, you lived your earthly life in the grace of the present moment with God. The Word of God became flesh in your existence and taught you how to become a Gift of Self for others. With Mary and Saint Joseph help us contemplate God’s love this Christmas Season.


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