December 30, 2020

My husband, Raymond, tested positive for Covid-19 on November 1, 2020. We were in isolation the entire month. The fruit of this experience was time spent in contemplation. In thinking of all that transpired over the last few years with his sickness, liver transplant, and Covid, it is apparent there is grace from suffering. Through handing everything over to God and living in the grace of the present moment, we were blessed to say, “God’s will be done.” All of you, the community of believers, helped call to God for miracle after miracle for Raymond’s healing.

Saint John reminds us in the first reading to be mindful of doing our heavenly Father’s will. In accepting God’s will, we find a heavenly love through the Eucharist. On this sixth day in the Octave of Christmas, we hold dear to us the gift of life, of redemption, of the love that was born to us—a gift that would die for us to show us how to live resurrected life now. Jesus teaches us how to be born in a stable, for “love entails suffering,” teaches Saint Eymard.

In the gospel, we find Anna praying “and coming forward at that very time, she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were awaiting the redemption of Jerusalem.” Think of someone who may benefit from your sharing an experience of suffering, an experience that has brought you new life, new birth through your life in the Eucharist. May this witness bring transformation, hope, and an invitation to come to Jesus. The hidden sufferings of our souls are in the tabernacle of Christ’s love. May we give all to Jesus, to be strengthened so that we may go to our homes filled with wisdom, that others may come to know the favor of GOD is upon us.

Let Us Pray:

“The mystery of Bethlehem is full of love and sweetness. Jesus appears here, if one may say so, more pleasing than upon Calvary. Let us enter into the attitude of mind of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.” (Saint Peter Julian Eymard)


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