December 14, 2018

Memorial of St. John of the Cross

Jesus poses a question for us today, asking if the present generation would be “like children who sit in marketplaces” playing games and complaining when the other children do not play along. The present generation of Jesus’ day listened neither to John the Baptist nor to Jesus. But Jesus calls us, as the responsorial psalm states, to follow him and have the light of life.

It is Advent. “The Lord will come,” we read in the gospel acclamation. “Go out to meet him! He is the prince of peace.” In following God’s commandments, we hearken to the prosperity offered to us by conforming to the will of God for our lives.

The Eucharist offers us a perfect love filled with the wisdom Jesus is referring to in today’s gospel, “Wisdom is vindicated by her works.” St. John of the Cross entered this divine reality recognizing the intimacy found in prayer, a prayer like that of the river of prosperity of which the prophet Isaiah is speaking. Similarly, St. Peter Julian found this intimacy in the person of Jesus celebrated and contemplated in the Eucharist. Moreover, St. Peter Julian lived in the grace of the moment, allowing God to reveal his life of love to him.

In preparing to celebrate Christmas, searching for the perfect gift for loved ones is a long-standing tradition. Material things given to express appreciation, fondness, and gratitude for the people in our lives is beautiful. Living in the Eucharist and identifying with the needs of those closest to us offers us another possibility for gift-giving that comes from the heart of God and touches their spirits.

“If you would hearken to my commandments, your prosperity would be like a river.”


Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, you witnessed Jesus offer his life to the world. Help us, dear mother, to prepare our own hearts in his way, so we may make the gift of ourselves to others this Christmas.


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