August 13, 2022

When we look into the eyes of a child, we see innocence and trust. A baby enters this world unaware of anyone or anything other than the one nurturing him. One of the most treasured memories in the hearts of parents is the day their child first looks into their eyes and smiles. A baby cannot think in terms of words; however, the sense of being cherished becomes instilled in his heart. Though not understood, this child feels assured of love, safety, guidance, and happiness.

So too is the message our Scriptures give us. When we completely give over ourselves to God as a child gives over himself to his parents, we are guided safely through our lifetime. Our Father is always with us, guiding us through his Holy Spirit to a life in union with Him when we invite Him. We often forget this message, so we pray, “Create a clean heart in me, O God.” We give God a contrite and humble heart – a heart open entirely to the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The promise of eternal life is given to us if we lead a virtuous life, free of sin. Turning away from the lure of sin demands we say ‘no’ to self in many ways. It’s not only about obeying the commandments – it goes further. We can begin by forgiving those who hurt us, not putting ourselves first, being responsive to another’s needs, being charitable to strangers, and being willing to say I’m sorry. During these days of conflicting viewpoints and ideologies, it is tempting to demand to be heard and heeded. Therefore, it is critical for us to examine our hearts, follow what the Spirit tells us, and pray “thy will be done – on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Let us pray:

Create a clean, loving, and generous heart in me, O God: a heart that is innocent, a heart that is giving, a heart that is contrite, a heart that is humble, a heart that feels the needs of others, a heart that is open and willing to act in response to your Holy Spirit. May this day be a new day where we can see your face in the beauty of the world, the eyes of others, and walk in the path you lead us to spread your peace and love to a hurting world. Amen.


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About Felice Werwin

Felice is an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Philip Church in Norwalk, Connecticut.